A band of outlaws    cast asunder from other theme camps and located at the iconic Big Red horse trailer, we are the preppers of the playa with an oasis of emergency party supplies and a THERMOSTAT. Is the heat of the day or chill of the night killing your buzz? We have MIST and HEAT, bitches!! Dance under the shade and mist of the Silly Filly Lounge or under the stars next to our burn barrels and heaters! We are not a sound camp, but deliver legit tunes and hard drinks at our custom airstream bar, Embers. Get your buzz and groove on in swankadelic comfort during drunk yoga or emergency blacklight neon paint dance parties. Consider us the Eagles of Death Metal of the playa and the place you would want to be if this was your last day of cheating death on Earth.

The camp hometown is Bombay Beach, California where several members have affiliations and/or seasonal residency in the renaissance art town on the banks of the Salton Sea. Other outlaw skull ponies make the pilgrimage from Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Tahoe, Los Angeles, Fort Wort,   Detroit, and Seattle when not galavanting across Europe and Costa Rica. We are artists, contributors, retirees, rangers, and secret ninjas from all walks of life who appreciate diversity, safety third, and inclusion, while we drink the Kool-Aid of the 10 principles of Burning Man as a way of life when operating under our alter egos in the default world.